Experience, Dedication and Diagnostic Accuracy

  • Founded over 40 years ago, the breadth and depth of expertise of Clin-Path associates is unmatched statewide. Professional and laboratory services are provided to hospitals, physician offices, surgery centers, laboratories and other facilities. Clin-Path is the exclusive pathology services provider to 10 hospitals in the Phoenix metro area. Located in Tempe, Arizona, Clin-Path is a local community-based practice and laboratory. We are proud to offer premier pathology services based upon our reputation and strengths.


  • More specialized professional services provided locally unlike “big-box” national chain labs.

  • Close working relationships with a select group of clients allows for personalized customer service

  • Outpatient and hospital professional services provided in an integrated manner unlike large labs

  • Provides a broad range of routine as well as specialized services such as high sensitivity testing for PNH

  • Allows clients to easily reach and speak directly with their local pathologist.


  • Tempe, Arizona location provides greater accessibility.

  • ‚ÄčEasy access and direct communication between physician and pathologist

  • Ensures rapid processing and turn-around-time

  • Avoids risks created by out-of-state shipping delays, lost specimens and time-zone communication issues

  • Exclusive pathology provider to numerous Arizona hospitals


  • Board-certified pathologists and histology laboratory.

  • 24 hour turn-around-time on routine biopsies

  • Bone Marrow collection and biopsy services provided

  • Integrated reports for patient safety and physician convenience

  • All insurance plans accepted

  • Pathologists directly call physicians with results when critical to patient care and communication


  • Over 40 years building relationships with a focus on diagnostic accuracy, service and the continuum of care.

  • Community-based medical practice versus a publicly traded company

  • Understanding of physician practice needs, culture and business

  • Live and work within the communities that we serve

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